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Android: Now With 100% More Radio

24 January 2009

Last week I mentioned a secret project involving Well today it was finally announced! Since late last November I, and several other open source android developers, have been working together with the official developers on an Android application that would leverage the full suite of features. Today this app was officially released to the Android Market.

Not only does the application bring the full power of radio to the Android platform, but it also demonstrates the power of open source development in a commercial setting. When expressed interest around late November in developing an android application to be featured in the Marketplace, Google responded with an enthusiastic thumbs up but included a deadline of mid-January. A month and a half is an incredibly short turnaround time for a fully featured mobile application. contacted several 3rd-party developers who had already began work on their own android clients, and suggested that we work together and pool our resources. You can take a peek at the results below. I am proud of our product after such a short development cycle, even though there exist several outstanding bugs at launch time. We already have a slew of bug-fixes and feature additions in the tubes for another release.

Keep an eye out for posts announcing the opening of the site where the source code can be found, as well as bugs and feature requests submitted. Due to licensing issues the source code repository and issue tracker will be delayed several days.

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