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19 January 2009

The “conference” ended yesterday as the final presentations were given, however we still have 4 days left here among the sunny beaches. Today Till Adam gave a fantastic lecture-slash-hands-on-workshop of Qt’s Model/View and plugin architecture. Just a couple weeks ago I was slamming my head against the desk trying to wrap my head around Qt’s M/V concepts, the results of which can be seen in Amarok’s new service browser. Through the creative use of roleplaying (thanks Ade, Jeff, Sebas, and Leo!) and two helpful hands-on exercises I’ve finally gotten a decent grasp of the system. Tomorrow morning we hope to sip QtConcurrent knowledge from the cup that is Till.

I’d write more, but the ocean is calling and I still need to get a Pina Colada. But before I go, check out some photos from the past couple days.

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