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A Quickie: Amarok,, CampKDE

14 January 2009

Things have been busy around here! First, there was the end-of-semester rush that occurs right before exams, then there was exams themselves. After the 3-day cross country drive home, I’ve spent the last couple weeks playing Settlers of Cataan with old friends, and hitting the ski slopes a couple times a week.

In between all that I haven’t had much time for development. Actually, I told a small lie. I’ve been pretty busy with a secret project ™, but I can’t post anything about that until the 19th.

Amarok wise, things are looking up. I’ve started to completely refactor the service in Amarok 2. Expect a more explanatory post (plus screenshots!) soon.

Finally, Camp KDE is a few short days away. During the conference Leo Franchi and I plan to knock out some huge improvmeents to Amarok 2’s Context View.

Gah, Gah, Go, that’s all folks!

Im Going to Camp KDE!

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