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GSoC Mini Report

08 July 2008

Some non-Summer-of-Code related business popped up over the weekend, to take care of which required a slight road-trip. As such, I haven’t had much time to work on my project, however I’m heading back home today and I plan to get the code I have chilling in my local branch pushed to the main subversion repository.

Surprisingly, bulleted lists seem to be the most concise means to list progress [/sarcasm]

  • Still working on Harmony integration.
  • Harmony authentication is working (Thanks Lateralus from MP3tunes!).
  • The daemon is receiving notification updates.
  • Notification processing is what I'm working on now.

While looking at my last couple reports about harmony, I realized that the information is somewhat dry. I think this is because harmony is a highly technical, behind the scenes feature, and, also, often it is difficult to inject excitement into mundane programming updates. The humdrum is slightly symbolic of harmony. You will enable it once and forget about it as it silently keeps your music collection synced.

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